Experts in authentic. Believers in YOU. We invite you to bask in the awesome glory of your shiny new BRAND…

You want a successful business. You want it to be big. You want to make a difference to people’s lives. You want to create something that lasts. You want your children to be proud of you… There’s no shame in that. So what’s holding you back?

Maybe your business has grown in a direction you didn’t expect. Maybe you started doing one thing and now you’re doing twenty things but you really want to be doing this other thing.  Maybe you know what you want to say to people about your business but the words just never come out right. Maybe you know who you want to attract to your business, but they always seem just out of reach, that instead of pulling them in you’re somehow pushing them away.  You’re not cool enough. You’re not trendy enough. That even though you’ve read all the books and done all the things, that something is always just a bit off…

How often have you wished that someone could take all that stuff in your head and just make it happen…?

The truth is, the income, the impact, the independence that you craved when you started your business CAN be yours. But first you have to believe in YOU.

You see, I can GUARANTEE you that the thing that makes you unique, your superpower, your ‘zone of genius’ is being doubted, undervalued and overlooked. Sometimes it takes an outside eye to help you to see the real YOU.

And that’s where I come in…

I’m here to help you to unpick the TRUTH of who YOU are. To help you to see how AWESOME you are and finally nail a brand that is ALIGNED with, and represents YOU, in the way you LOVE.

I can help you to align your brand in a way that makes everything just flow.  So that it feels like the comfiest jacket you have ever worn and never want to take off. That your customers LOVE and can’t get enough of.

I can help you to finally stop looking for that magic bean and realise that its YOU. Because when you tap into the unstoppable power that is YOU, that’s when the magic happens.

So there’s really only one question left at this point…

Shall we get started?


With the right brand your business CAN attract your perfect customers, deliver opportunities and take you places you only ever dreamed of.

  • Brand Clarity

  • Let us define your brand, find your voice and create the messages that will have your perfect customers wanting more more more!

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  • Brand Styling

  • Attract your perfect customers, and realise your full potential with a look and feel that authentically reflects who YOU are

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  • Full Brand Development

  • The complete Rebel branding experience. Transform your successful business into the powerful brand you’ve always dreamed of

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  • Rebel Brand Audit

  • Find out if your branding is saying the RIGHT things about your business with a professional brand rebel audit