Brand Development, Creative Direction

Your Tribe Collective

This inspirational female-led business knew the time had come to step up and stand out.

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Based in Nelson NZ, Your Tribe Collective is a business that’s all about connection. As a thriving community of women who support and inspire each other to become strong, positive and successful in life and business, we knew that this was a business that needed a kickass, brand. No half measures allowed here, this brand needed to invite members to think big, unleash their full potential and live their best life.

To create this high-flying vibe we worked on everything from the ground up messaging, identity, imagery and styling, to finally create the brand that founder Caron had only dreamed of. We developed a fresh, sophisticated look that would work across both off and online media, with bold, punchy statements that would attract, excite and engage the high-vibe babes they were looking for.

As a control freak, bossy boots who loves to be 100% in charge I had no idea how closed I was to trusting and investing in rebranding my business. I was doing great and what was the point right?  The voice of my enlightened self knew… There was more to me.  No one sees us as we do, thank goodness! Some see us in a brighter light and want to get a glittery torch out and shine it all up in our face…


Maria has a very big flash light! She’s changed my life! Seriously… She saw me and with calm, quiet confidence pulled out a shinier, upgraded version of me and my business. If you too are like me and you know what you want but it’s messy, you have started a path and you love it but there’s boulders everywhere or that you simply want you and your business to be totally aligned, work with Maria. I never want to let her go, watch out world, this is only the beginning. Thank you Maria, you crazy, kind, super talented babe!


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