Brand Development

We are strong. We are proud. We are beautiful.

How many times do you get to say that your clients become friends, well here at Brand Rebel, we kinda do every time. It’s such an intimate journey that we go on together it’s hard to not fall a bit in love with them.


Carly contacted us last year looking for someone to help her to take her brand to the next level. So we did just that.  We started by bringing her messaging up to date, and giving her a voice that would resonate with her target audience of ‘badass babes who just happen to be wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters’.

We built a strong, empowering message that shouted from the rooftops, and we needed a strong, empowering yet feminine brand identity to support it. And if I do say so myself, I think we nailed it…  Drawing from Carly’s vibrant personality, her love of tarot, all things moon related and her beautiful tattoos, we crafted a brand that resonated with her on every level. And it’s pretty darn cool too. just like her!

I’m actually pretty speechless and so overwhelmed at the pure fucking awesomeness. This. This is it. I love it. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. Everything about it is perfect. Literally all of it is perfection.