The Choice Lifestyle

Brand Development

Live small to live big

“You can choose to isolate yourself from what makes you whole. Or you can choose to live a whole life. We chose life. We live small so we can live big. Big in time, in connections, in love, in balance, but most of all, BIG in LIFE.”

That was the message we came up with for The Choice Lifestyle, a business born from the passion of two people looking for something more out of life. Fed up with the rat race of corporate life, Noreen and Arron decided the time had come to downsize, embrace a slower pace of life and finally, for the first time in a long time, just LIVE.


Project details

The project was to create an aspirational, lifestyle brand that wasn’t homemade or cheap, but demonstrated the high quality of life on offer when you free yourself up to ‘live small to live big’.  So we started by finding the right words to tell Noreen and Arron’s story, then we drew inspiration from the stunning landscape of the Marlborough Sounds to create a visual brand that communicated the very foundation of the MacDonald’s motivation – to help people to create the lives they want to live. Effortlessly marrying the brand values of nature, balance and freedom into a narrative that speaks direct to the heart.
“After a weekend away at our beloved house bus in the Marlborough Sounds, we knew that the time had come to create a different life. To create the space for what really mattered. A life that wasn’t filled with busy, pressure or chasing financial goals; but contemplation and creation, family, nature, self-growth and health. A life that fulfills us on every level.”